Saturday, July 19, 2014

1st GROUP. Official photo shoot for the 2014 Miss Asian Las Vegas Pageant!

Fashion styling & shooting all the Miss Asian Las Vegas contestants @ Azure Pool @ the Palazzo…

The Miss Asian Las Vegas pageant is a 4 day event where our delegates will experience bonding, sponsor visitations, exclusive private networking events, beauty & fitness workshops, professional photo shoots, pageant training, job interview workshops, coronation gala, & after party. They will also be able to stay at our host venue with the other delegates which is included in our registration. This year, we have been invited to host our venue at the beautfiul and prestigious Venetian / Palazzo hotel & casino where we will also have our official photo shoot at the property. And for 2014, our Pageant itself, the production will be held at the ultra lush & beautiful Palazzo Theatre which seats 1600 guests. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Vegetarian Food: Veggie House - Las Vegas Weekly

It’s called Veggie House, but some of its tastiest dishes are orange chicken, spicy beef and roast pork. Say what? This Chinatown eatery doesn’t play around when it comes to traditional Chinese and more familiar Americanized fare. In addition to fresh and flavorful vegetarian-by-default eats like spring rolls, Veggie House adapts those meat-centric dishes with some mind-bogglingly tasty faux meat that’ll even have your carnivore friends asking for seconds. 5115 Spring Mountain Road, 702-431-5802. Daily, 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m.

Best Vegetarian Food: Veggie House - Las Vegas Weekly

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Back and forth with ‘The Machine,’ a Korean table tennis master

Nestled away in Chinatown, down a back alley amid entrances for Asian markets and a massage parlor, the Nevada Table Tennis Center isn’t a high-visibility place.... read more

Friday, June 27, 2014

Chinatownvegas leading the way

Chinatown Report: Chinatown Hawaii: Honolulu city council passes 5 controversial homeless bills

Las Vegas has a large Hawaiian population 
The Honolulu City Council held a special hearing where they passed laws that would prohibit sitting or lying on public sidewalks in Waikiki, Chinatown and possibly the entire island.
Bill 43 would make it illegal for people to relieve themselves in public in Waikiki, while Bill 42 and Bill 44 would prohibit people from lying and sitting down in Waikiki, Chinatown and Downtown.
"The growing homeless problem in Chinatown has made it increasingly hard for us to do business. Not a day goes by where we aren't directly faced with a new challenge," said Jeff Mull, a Chinatown business owner.
The last two bills, Bill 45 and Bill 46, would go one step further and make it illegal to poop and pee in public and lay on the sidewalks island-wide. Right now, there's no law in the books prohibiting the public from doing those actions.
"If this bill only includes Waikiki and Chinatown to Ward Avenue – our neighborhood sits in between, so guess where they are going to come," said Charles Canipe who supports the ban. "Already more and more homeless have come surrounding our block."
But there were also plenty who testified against the proposals saying an island-wide law goes too far.
"No, please don't do that. It's one thing to include the zone of Waikiki, but the idea of applying the rules in one broad stroke island-wide saddens me," said David Atcheson who is against the bill.
Some of those who testified in the packed special meeting offered alternative solutions to lawmakers.
"Basically, we need restrooms. It's not medieval times. It's a basic need. People have to go to the restroom," said Dan Purcell who offered an alternative option.
While others say these laws won't solve the homeless problem.
"We need housing first, not jail first. What we're looking at is a very dangerous precedent of state sanction, criminalization of poverty and that's not somewhere we want to go," said Kathryn Xian who is against the bill.
The bills went before the zoning and planning committee where four out of five passed them.
Now, the bills will go before the full city council again on July 9 for a second public hearing and vote.

Chinatown Report: Chinatown Hawaii: Honolulu city council passes 5 controversial homeless bills

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One of the Most Exclusive Experiences in Vegas Is Now Open — Japanese Cuisine by Omae - Opening Alert - Eater Vegas

Now you can have one of the most exclusive meals in Las Vegas with a Michelin-starred chef who chose to bring his cuisine off-Strip. MeetJapanese Cuisine by Omae, the new restaurant from Takeshi Omae, whose Omae XEX in Tokyo received Michelin stars twice.

For now, the 12-seat restaurant is only open for a three-course lunch, a tour of Japanese comfort foods that starts with a triple-layered vegetable soup, a heady experience with a first layer of seven vegetables pureed together, then a brown soy sauce paste topped with an egg whites and sake third layer. Dip deep in the bowl to get a taste of all three layers combined or try them individually. Each brings a different sensation.
The second course is a petite assorted appetizer, a carefully arranged vegetable and shrimp dish served in a massive red bowl. Edamame with sweetened miso, yuzo-flavored shrimp, Japanese yum potato and deep-fried lotus arrive, each with subtle yet sophisticated flavors.
The third course is a choice between three dishes. A chicken rice omelet features white steamed rice sautéed with catsup, onions, green peppers, chicken, bacon and mushrooms, a typical Japanese comfort dish. The tonkotsu ramen noodle soup is wok charred and the most savory of the three. The black curry over seasoned rice rounds out the choices is perhaps one of the most ........ read more

Palms and Tony Hu Decide on Lao Sze Chuan - Eater Tracking - Eater Vegas

There is no mention on the curtains hiding construction, or elsewhere on property and not on the Palms resort web site, but Chicago's Chinatown restaurant legend Tony Hu is bringing his Sichuan restaurant Lao Sze Chuan to Las Vegas.
As Eater Vegas has revealed, original paperwork called for Chef Hu's lounge style dining experience Lao You Ju to arrive from Chicago to replace the former Little Buddha space. But an informed tipster hinted the concept had changed to follow the style and menu of Hu's growing flagship brand, Lao Sze Chuan. Confirmation can now be found in a ........ read more